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Small Breeder of Champion and Pet Quality Pomeranians
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Dumbledore won best of Toy Group at the November 12th show in Pennsylvania!


3 PierrepontPom Pomeranian Puppies
We are a small Long Island breeder of Pomeranian dogs. We specialize in champion blood lines, research the best temperaments, personalities, and those fluffy Pomeranian fur coats that we all get addicted to.

Mostly we sell pet quality as opposed to show quality dogs. Though we do love going to our local dog shows, and we are currently showing a couple of our own Pomeranians. Occasionally we will have a show quality puppy available, so contact us if that is what you are looking for.

We proudly guarantee the health of all of our dogs. But more than that, we also want to make sure that you and your new family member are a good fit. We hope it is a match that will last many, many years.



You can contact us any time for questions about Pomeranians, dog shows, how to groom your Pomeranian, or whatever else we might be able to help you with.


Ross eyeing Mugsy, our smallest vs. our biggest



Dumbledore out in the snow 2009

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